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Excerpted From Wikipedia.: The Ohio State Reformatory (OSR), also known as the Mansfield Reformatory, is a historic prison located in Mansfield, Ohio in the United States. It was built between 1886 and 1910 and remained in operation until a 1990 federal court ruling (the 'Boyd Consent Decree') ordered the facility to be closed. While this facility was used in a number of films (including several while the facility was still in operation), TV shows and music videos, it was made famous by the film The Shawshank Redemption (1994) when it was used in the large panning scene and for the Warden's office.

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Mansfield Reformatory Infrared B&W (1)Mansfield Reformatory (2)Mansfield Reformatory - Looking Out From an OfficeMansfield Reformatory - Guard Watch TowerThe Shashank Redemption Movie Poster with Reflection of BarsThe Warden's OfficeThe Warden's Safe (1)The Warden's Safe (2)The Warden's Reinforced ClosetThe LibraryBrook's Room Where He took His Life in the MovieStairway to the ChapelThe ChapelThe Chapel - B&WCell Block (1)Cell Block (1) B&WCell Block (2)Cell Block (2) B&WJail CellJail Cell B&W

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