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Eclipse Phases Panorama 3x1 Format 4_8_2024-2510Eclipse Eclipse Corona_2024_04_08-2519Eclipse Diamond Ring_2024_04_08-2141Eclipse Solar Prominences_2024_04_08-2348United Methodist Church AKA Holy OIl Can IR 590 2023_10_13-7637United Methodist Church AKA Holy OIl Can IR 590 B&W 2023_10_13-7637The Thinker IR 720 2023_10_13-7685Osprey with Fish (4) and Nest MaterialArctic Tern with fish- 2023White Tail Buck - 8 Points 2023 Nov 7Glade Creek Grist Mill - 2023 Oct 20New River Gorge Bridge 2013 Oct 20Grandview Point - 2023 Oct 19Cooper's Hawk - 2024_0617Cooper's Hawk - 2024_0630Mt Rushmore_2024_1364Mt Rushmore_2024_1361Mt Rushmore Washington's Profile 2024_1349Mt Rushmore 2024_1373Cuyahoga County Courthouse - 2023_6836

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