Don from POTP(non-registered)
Hi Bill. Thanks for sharing - these are great pics. Would love to go out shooting with you sometime!
Gina Swindell(non-registered)
Wow! Spectacular!!!!!
Jaclyn Facinelli(non-registered)
Such beautiful pictures. I could imagine myself in the locations that you photographed-so refreshing when staying at home due to Covid concerns. Your pictures are so vivid and full of life.
What a beautiful gallery. Your images are stunning. Your willingness to share your knowledge is very much appreciated.
Bob Hennessey(non-registered)
Hi Bill,
Your photos are spectacular. Your compositions amazing. Thanks for sharing with us. If I could be half as good I’d be happy. I love taking photos and didn’t get into it seriously until two years ago. I definitely missed my calling. But this will certainly keep me busy in my retirement and get me out and about.
Thanks for the inspiration through your shots.

Ann Shirreffs(non-registered)
Hello Bill,

Your work is stunning!!!! Thank you for allowing me to feel like I went along on your travels!
Dan Maly(non-registered)
Wonderful photography. A great visual escape.
Arlette Coulter(non-registered)
Wonderful Photographs!!!
What happened at the parade, we never saw you and Cindy again? I love your photography... Thanks for sharing!
I met you on a hike in Escalante. We talked about camera lenses. Your work is beautiful!
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