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Summer Solstice in the Flats 2016Abandoned Coast Guard Station at Sunrise from Wendy ParkCoast Guard Station - RenovationCoast Guard Station on Cloudy DayCoast Guard Station on Cloudy Day - B&WWest Harbor Lighthouse at Edgewater on a Windy Day April, 2020Windy Day at Wendy Park 2024_8994Windy Day at Wendy Park - 2024_8775Edgewater Fishing Pier, Late - Fall 2013Edgewater Fishing Pier, Late B&W - Fall 2013Edgewater Fishing Pier on Lake Erie with Winter IceEdgewater Pier on Lake Erie - Infrared B&WChristies Cabaret from the Willow Bridge - Infrared B&W - 2022Edgewater Willow Tree April, 2020Edgewater Willow Tree at Lake Erie - Infrared B&W - 2022Wendy Park SunsetCuyahoga River Lighthouses Feb 17, 2013Lake Erie Sunset - April 2013 (2)Lake Erie Sunset - April 2013 (1)Sunset Behind the East Lighthouse at the Mouth of the Cuyahoga

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